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Introductory Workshop

Caring well for the very young child: how the Pikler approach can help us. 

Dorothy Marlen - Early Childhood Trainer & Consultant

Crowndale Centre, Camden, London

Of relevance to all early childhood practitioners interested in finding out more about the Pikler approach to the care of infants and young children. 

This interactive workshop will introduce you to two of Emmi Pikler’s main principles and how they are intrinsically interconnected: 

  • Creating co-operative partnership with small children through mindful, respectful caregiving

  • The importance of self-initiated free movement in infants and the natural progression of motor development 

The workshop will include video footage, experiments and time for discussion. This is an introductory workshop: further, more in-depth training on these topics is available through the Pikler UK Association.

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to 21 Feb

The Autonomous Play Activity (ages 0-3)

The course will be held by Pikler® trainers from Budapest and will count as one module of the Basic Pikler Training, leading to becoming a Pikler Pedagogue.

Course outline  

This course is designed for those who would like to deepen their understanding of early childhood care and education through studying the important pedagogical principles of Dr. Emmi Pikler.

Participants will learn about the Pikler perspective on everyday experiences with children and also about the results of research studies carried out by the Pikler® Institute, with a specific focus on Dr Pikler’s ideas regarding infants’ competencies in their autonomous play activity.

During the course we will learn about how infants’ and toddlers’ self-initiated play activity contributes to their well-being and development and will delve into the topic of the development of free play, including its many, often overlooked, stages.

Participants will consider the role of the adult in supporting the infant’s and toddler’s self-initiated play activity and also learn about the environment and materials needed in each phase of development.

On the course we will spend time thinking about:

  • The beginning of infant’s play activity

  • Development of thinking and playing

  • The infant’s attention during play

  • Autonomous activity in the parent-child group

  • Organizing the conditions of free play in the daycare centre

  • How the caregiver supports children’s play

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